Theradex launches Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

March 2018

Theradex Oncology Announces Advanced Functionality for Clinical Trial Management System

Theradex Oncology, a leading global provider in early-phase oncology management services, today announced the release of their proprietary clinical trial management system (CTMS), that combines data, processes, and reports on a single platform, and provides real-time access to analytics allowing for maximum study visibility for enhanced informed decisions. Theradex CTMS  streamlines trial management processes and provides secure, global access for clients.

After 35 years of successfully partnering with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and all 49 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Theradex Oncology is now releasing its comprehensive CTMS to existing and future clients. This system provides an affordable solution with flexibility to support oncology studies of all types, sizes, phases, and complexities.

"We are in a highly evolving and heavily regulated marketplace, which can be extremely challenging for many of our clients. Our CTMS system acknowledges those challenges by integrating a user-friendly, highly competent, end-to-end user platform that increases crucial insights that our clients have never had before," stated Susan Davey, vice president of technology, Theradex Oncology.

With the release of this management system, Theradex Oncology has taken a major step into the CTMS market by providing a cost-effective solution that allows clients to easily manage their end-to-end trial portfolio and make better, informed decisions.

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About Theradex Oncology

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